Paddington is an inner-city, eastern suburb of located 3 kilometres east of the Sydney central business district. It lies across two local government areas – the City of Sydney and the Municipality of Woollahra. It is often colloquially referred to as "Paddo".

Commercial activity in Paddington is diverse and can be divided into a number of precincts, the major one being Oxford Street, a one kilometre long shopping strip extending unbroken along the length of Paddington. While there is a range of speciality shops and cafes, it is the plethora of clothing boutiques that has put Oxford Street on the tourist map. Bookstores and cinema are located at the Darlinghurst end, while pop-up shops and personal services, hair, nails and massage, are becoming more prevalent closer to Woollahra.

Low-rise retail/office developments are also found in Paddington and 70% of people in the suburb live in typical Victorian terrace houses, with the majority of the rest living in apartments. The suburb is a high-wealth area and the residents and businesses find the self-storage solutions offered by Rushcutters Self Storage convenient.

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