Packing tips and advice

Pack Early, Pack Well

You should try to complete as much packing as possible to help you determine the storage unit size you will need. If you start early and pack well, your move will be smoother and faster. Here are some helpful packing and storing ideas:

Tips for packing goods for storage

  • Use a system – one way is to mark each box with a number and the room it came from. Keep a notebook with dates packed, the box number, room and its contents. This way, you have a record of everything in storage should you need to access anything.
  • Label or number your boxes on the sides.
  • Use the right size boxes. Put heavy items in small boxes and light items in bigger ones.
  • Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes, lighter items on top.
  • Do not overfill – bulging boxes are unstable when stacked.
  • Mark extra heavy boxes
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in your boxes.
  • Disassemble and remove wheels wherever possible before going into self storage. Tape nuts, bolts and wheels to the furniture they were removed from.
  • Fragile items – pack snugly using bubble wrap and indicate when boxes contain fragile items
  • When you store furniture that has drawers or cupboards, use these spaces to store smaller items (remember to note this in your notebook)

Tips for packing your storage unit

  • Pack boxes into your storage unit from the back then use the front for odd-shaped items.
  • Group similar items together, and try to store room-specific boxes together.
  • Utilise all the space inside your self storage unit, including height. Store long items vertically.
  • When stacking, place heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter items toward the top of the unit.
  • Place fragile items near the top.
  • Note every item you store and its whereabouts, for easy location later.

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